Christians Have Been Urge To Be slow To Anger and Rich In Mercy



Christians have been  invites  to reflect on forgiveness, the associate priest of Holy family Catholic church, life camp, Reverend father Joseph Nowonga,  made this during his homily.

According to him, It is a very important element of reconciliation, and our Christian belief, the  popular saying that to err is human, while to forgive is divine, that the one who sins acts humanly, that  the one who forgives acts divinely. This is because, to forgive is to participate in a very important attribute and nature of God. 

The man of  God said , it reminds us that for our prayer to be answered, we must forgive others and that it presupposes that we are all sinners, in need of God’s forgiveness. So, for us to be forgiven, first, we must forgive others. 

That we should never allow what someone else does or says make us unhappy that  it  gives that person more power over you.According to him we should  Pray for them—if you think they need prayer—but never let them live rent-free in your mind. 

Father Norwonga said only God can give us the grace to forgive all others, those who have harmed us in any way at all. That God’s calls us to immediate and complete forgiveness of others.



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