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Christians Have Been Called To Be Consistent In Faith

29 June 2020 News

Christians have been called to be generous, kind and dedicated to the things of God and humanity.

The associate priest of holy family catholic church, life camp, stated this in his homily during the sunday mass .

The man of God says no reward goes unrewarding, that God always blesses those who are generous.

Fr. Norwanga said to become one with Jesus Christ, Christians need to think and act like him in every situation they find themselves.

He explained that the Christian life demands total self-giving, putting the will of God above one’s own will and loving Jesus above all other things and persons.

The Clergyman said due to the high rate of corruption in the world, the christian faith has been compromised.

Fr Noewanga, who admonished Christian faithfuls to stand up for what is right and insist on it said this would bring about moral revolution which is what the world needs today.

“The journey to heaven is a continuous struggle, it is a continuous battle, it is a continuous warfare, to remain on the path of life, there are necessary steps we must take.

“If we watch over our words, our actions, our thoughts, our companions and our habits, our spiritual life will grow astronomically. We should give special attention to thoughts. We cannot commit sin without thinking about it. If we take charge of our thoughts vigorously, we shall surely overcome many sins in our lives.

“A life of prayer is also very critical in remaining on the path of life. Jesus himself was a man of assiduous prayer. We need to depend on the word of God, the Apostle Paul tells us” the Priest said.

kevin Nwabueze/Abuja

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