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Christiano Ronaldo, The Most Followed Footballer On Instagram

20 December 2016 Sport

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed footballer on Instagram? He is and the margin is quite wide.

The Portuguese professional has been in the spotlight recently after clinching Ballon d’Dor for the 4th time, the most for a European player in the award’s history, and for becaming the most capped player of all-time at the Euro 2016 tournament. He was the first player to score at four consecutive European Championship finals and he is also added another achievement to his already impressive list by becoming the most followed footballer on Instagram.

Ronaldo has established a strong online presence; the most popular sportsperson on social media. He counted 158 million total followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by June 2015. On Facebook, he became the first sportsperson to reach 50 million followers in August 2010, and in October 2014, he became the first sportsperson, and the second person after Shakira, to reach 100 million followers. Currently, he is the most-followed athlete on Twitter with 48.9 million followers and is the most-followed footballer on Instagram with 84.5million followers as of December 2016.

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The other footballers that make the top 5 list of most Instagram followers include;

Neymar – 63.3m Followers, Lionel Messi – 61.5m Followers, James Roodriguez – 27.6m Followers, Gareth Bale – 25.1m followers and Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 21.5m Followers.

Back in December 2015, Christiano Ronaldo was still the most followed…

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 39.4 million followers

2. Neymar – 36.5 million followers

3. Messi – 30.5 million followers

4. James Rodriguez – 16.7 million followers

5. Gareth Bale -11.4 million followers

6. David Luiz – 11 million followers

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 10 million followers

Christiano has had a very impressive 2016, will he sustain it and get better in 2017? That remains to be seen.

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