Christian Faithfuls Pray For Peace In Nigeria, Holy Land And Middle East

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week and is an important Christian festival around the world.

It falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday and is therefore, like Easter, a moveable feast (i.e. a religious celebration or observance which does not occur on the same date each year).

Western Christian churches often refer to Palm Sunday as ‘The Sunday of the Passion’, while Orthodox Christian churches may call the festival ‘The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem’.

At a service to mark the event in Abuja, the parish priest of Holy Family Catholic Church,Life-camp, reverend father Anthony Olaniyun warned Christians against been judgmental ,pride and self righteousness.

The man of God cautioned against the temptations and triumphalism, which he said feeds itself by looking at others and constantly judging them inferior.

According to Fr, Olaniyun one subtle form of triumphalism is spiritual worldliness, which represents the greatest danger, most treacherous temptation threatening the church.

While Sprinkling holy water, father Olaniyun, blessed palm fronds and clutched by the lay faithful, before Mass began, recommended humility as a way to counter such temptations.

After this was the cradling of a braided palm, anda solemn procession to the main church from the outside the church where the palm was blessed.

He also invited the people to pray for peace in the world, especially in Nigeria, Holy Land and the Middle East.

Holy Week culminates in joyous celebrations on Easter Sunday as Christians celebrate their belief that Jesus rose from the dead.

Palm Sunday services signifies the cries and gestures of triumph by onlookers when Jesus entered Jerusalem. But not long after, according to the New Testament, the public’s mood changed, and Jesus was arrested, mocked, scourged and executed

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