Caterpillar Today Butterfly Tomorrow 5 Reasons Not To Quit

You have been there and done that and yet it still feels like you are stuck in a rut, Do not be discouraged, It happens to the best of us and the good news is that no matter what you know and despite of all you may have done you can do more or may just need one more information in order to break out from that setbacks or challenges that seem to be holding you down

 Reading up on how its scientific transformation occurs. I discovered that one day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down on a leaf and With time( some sooner than others) transforms into a beautiful butterfly or moth

There are significant lessons to learn from this, Hopefully the lessons below will encourage you on why you must not quit whatever your situation is, like the caterpillar if you keep on keeping on, you will become a beautiful butterfly

  1. The metamorphosis takes time; Do not be in a hurry, when faced with discomfort ,it is not unusual to want to make a hurried decision like changing jobs, relocating , cutting off people and or relationships .However many of such decisions may be regretted sooner than later. Stay strong, let the change you desire and let that be your biggest motivation

2.Staying Focused is key; During its metamorphosis the caterpillar remains focused , not even food is a distraction , it gives up its love of food in order to zero in on its goal. you must be willing to give up any and every distraction in order to achieve your goal

3.You must be willing to shift from your comfort zone; The caterpillar undergoing its transformation hangs upside down. you must be willing to flip a script, change from the normal way of doing things to achieve your goal, The discomfort you are running from may be what is needed to complete your transformation

4. You are the only one that can aid or disrupt your transformation; The caterpillar is not disturbed or jealous of other butterflies, it knowns that is also its future if it will just do the needful, so nothing a butterfly does can stop it from also becoming a butterfly so you are the only one that can stop your transformation, no one else has the power to stop you if you do what you need to do. Never be intimated by the success of others ,only let it inspire you to envisage your future

5 See the result you want ; when you see a butterfly its so beautiful , nothing about it reminds you that it once was an ugly caterpillar and when you look at the caterpillar it is hard to believe it will one day become a beautiful butterfly, rather than dwell on your current situation, begin to envision the end result of your transformation and another thing, the caterpillar is silent through its transformation, it does not brag or tell of its soon to be unveiled beauty, it just transforms. Learn to promise small but deliver big

I hope you find this useful . Good luck

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