CAF Strips Cameroon Hosting Rights Of 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations

Cameroon has been stripped of the hosting rights of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
This decision was reached at the end of the extraordinary meeting of CAF’s Executive Committee on Friday in Accra.

A new bid, according to CAF, will be opened and a new host will be announced in a month’s time – December 31.

“…It will communicate openly and transparently on the process and subsequent decision,” the press statement from the continent’s football ruling body revealed.

Two reasons were given for CAF’s decision. The first is that of facility. The second is about security.
CAF explained that after significant debate and having received detailed updates from numerous inspection visits over nearly 18 months, “CAF has noted that a number of compliance conditions have not been met.

“In addition, after having heard from representatives of the governmental and sports authorities of Cameroon, and reviewed the latest progress on preparations, CAF notes the gap between the requirements of hosting the AFCON and realities on the ground.

“Furthermore, after hearing the conclusions of the CAF Security Inspection Team during their most recent visit to Cameroon, CAF concludes that the Africa Cup of Nations could not be exposed to any issues that could impact on the success of the most prestigious African competition.”

CAF further explained that postponement of the tournament was considered but it would have adverse effects on “CAF’s contractual commitments, and the importance of maintaining the competition calendar, the CAF Executive Committee decided that the next edition of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations could not be held in Cameroon.”

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