BREAKING NEWS: Elder Godson Orubebe says JEGA has been compromised (Update)

The INEC Chairman has responded to the two allegations made by Elder Godson Orubebe. The first being that Prof Jega has refused to accept any petitions from the PDP and second, that INEC has given full results to the APC which have been published on their website.

Prof Jega responded that after yesterday’s announcement, Dr Bello Fadele (A PDP Party Agent) has sent some papers through his PA to the INEC Chairman which he refused to collect. Later at night, Dr Bello sent an sms to the INEC Chairman saying that there are petitions which he wanted to submit. Prof Jega informed him that petitions are not received at the platform during announcements and he should go through the INEC Secretariat. Dr Bello replied, “Ok, I will see what I can do”. Up till the time of this report, no petition had been received by INEC.

Prof Jega also stated categorically that he had not released any results to the APC. Apart from the results which have been declared, no other party has the right to publish any complete results whatsoever.

He urged Prof Godson to verify his allegations and be “careful of his public conduct”.

Prof Jega tactically handled the situation and results announcements have commenced.

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