Bovi Calls Out Director Niyi Akinmolayan Over Lack Of Commitment To New Movie

Top comedian Bovi Ugboma has called out ‘Chief Daddy’ director, Niyi Akinmolayan in connection to his new movie ‘My Village People’.

Bovi, on Saturday July 3, took to his Instagram story to accuse Akinmolayan of deliberately refusing to identify with the movie since its release. He further accused the director of making the film ‘lame and deliberately mediocre’.

“Day 3 of a two week shoot, when he first tried to shut my set down because he didn’t want me to even correct his reductive approach to the script, I promised him that with or without him, the film will be a success,” Bovi wrote.

“From then on approach to making this picture become lame and deliberately mediocre. Idris and Moses kept begging me to just ignore his alarming character flaws and finish the project. And that’s how I started petting Oga like a four-year-old till we finished…Now the film has done favorably well he’s come out of his coven to advertise himself. Shameless.”Bovi's Instagram post Bovi’s Instagram post

Bovi’s shared the rant hours after the director shared an Instagram post about how two of his movies; ‘Prophetess’ and ‘My Village People’ have hit major numbers in box office. The post was later deleted. Akinmolayan has also not addressed Bovi’s accusations.

According to Comscore figures, ‘My Village People’ has maintained the top four spot three weeks after its premiere, grossing over N70 million.


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