#BezLiveAbuja: Bez Idakula Comes Home For His People

Alternative soul singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bez, was at Kapital FM as part of activities to promote his upcoming Bez Live Abuja concert slated for Today Saturday at Sheraton Hotel Abuja and he granted the online team an interview which revealed some of his secrets to success and his passion for his people and Nigerian youth in general.

Below is the full text of the interview with Bez

Thank you for honouring us.
It’s a personal honour for me to be here with you.

Bez: Thank you

Question: A lot of people know you as just Bez, we know you are Gbagyi from Nassarawa state, so we want to know, where did the name ‘Bez’ come from?

Bez: Bez came from the full name ‘Bezhiwa’. Bezhiwa is ‘the first man in the land’ – in Gbagyi – so technically, my full name is Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, but Bez is the shortened form.

Question: Speaking of Gbagyi, we saw a clip of you recently with Cobhams doing something with a Gbagyi musical group. Tell us about that.

Bez with multimedia unit staff
Myself, Bez, Sarah and Fadila

Bez: We created the ‘Gbagyi Child’ Album. We started recording the album in 2013 and when we started we did some recordings in New York, Houston and then we had to come back home to do some recordings in New Karu, Nassarawa State, which is my village, so we went there got some local drummers and sampled their music because we wanted to put authentic African sounds from where I am from so we came to Karu to do the recordings and fused it with some sounds so now, it is  the present Gbagyi Child Album.

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Question: So technically you came back home.

Bez: Yeah. (Smiles)

Question: And we saw that phrase on some of the posters for the concert you are here for so tell us about it. What’s the relationship between coming home and the concert?

Bez: We started this concert series in Lagos, the Bez Live concert series, but it was important for us to do it in Abuja, Abuja is home for me. I’ve lived in Abuja for a while and Karu is just next door so it’s important to do a homecoming because you want to bring your people into what you are doing and because you are like an ambassador… Taking the name of the Gbagyi people outside the world you want them to be very involved in what you do.

Question: So you said you’ve done it in Lagos so it’s going to be a continuous thing –

Bez: Oh Yeah. Definitely

Question: How often will it be?

Kfm OAP, Princess Akporaro talking with Bez live on Air

Bez: Lagos is yearly, we’re hoping to make Abuja yearly as well. We’re hoping to make other parts of Abuja and the world yearly as well.
The next one we are doing might be in PortHarcourt and then we are thinking of some outside the country.

Question: So tell us about the concert this Saturday

Bez: Saturday, we’ll be having the Bez Live Abuja. It will be at the Sheraton Abuja. The concept is to make it and give it a festival feel. Instead of wearing your high heels, wear your shorts and sneakers. It’ll be at the Green area in Sheraton suites like at the back… State setup will be amazing, light setup will be great, sound… Just imagine a very international concert.

Question: So just come and have fun and be comfortable.

Bez: Yeah. Come and have fun, be comfortable and just enjoy the concert.

Question: You do charity work, you are a multi-Instrumentalist and of course you sing beautifully and you are happily married. How do you balance that?

Bez: I think it is life in general. How you balance work and relationships, with friends and the ‘chills’ (laughs). That’s life in general and I think it’s easy to balance if you have specific times and schedules for all you do…. So once in a while you fix those things into a schedule and you have a great run.

Question: So you are a good time manager?

Bez: I guess I am. (chuckles)

Question: I will have to come to you for tips.

(Both laugh)

Question: Final words – tell us how you have or intend to use your music to encourage the common man, your people especially, as you say that’s one of your driving forces. How do you hope to use your music to impact the average Nigerian youth especially in times like these?

Bez: First of all, my purpose is to create music and add value through that music to people. Now, we are in an arena where the Nigerian youth is an entrepreneur. So many jobs have been created from the Internet… So it’s a great time to be a Nigerian youth. Nigerian youths need people to look up to and when they see that you are doing something great with the kind of passion and spirit of excellence that you do it then you become a role model and my aim is to become a role mode where people see what we do, are able to trace our success and their able to attribute that success to something be it hardwork, trust in God, so you put all those things together and I’m a very spiritual person so I make sure I let people know that everything I do is to the glory of God and when youths see that they know that;
1. God works
2. Hardwork also works
3. Tenacity works
4. Perseverance and Patience works
So when they learn all these things, for me, my purpose has been fulfilled.

Question: Thank you very much for honouring us and it’s obvious from your life that all these things you’ve said are actually working.

Bez: Thank you.

The Bez Live Abuja concert will take place on Saturday, 18th February 2017 at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel by 6:00pm. Dress comfortably and have fun.

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