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Be Careful What You Tolerate , Here Are 5 Ways To Teach People How To Treat You

6 February 2020 Blog

Name calling,bullying,disrespect,body shaming,tale bearing you name it . it all starts and ends with what you permit or tolerate

No you are not responsible for how people behave neither are you responsible for anybody’s actions,Some people are just not civil, they will rather call you by any name other than your name for reasons best known to them. they may utter the kind of rubbish you would not appreciate being said in your presence etc, its just who they are. However, you can control what you allow in your space

If you’re sick and tired of been on the receiving end of less-than-desired treatment.you have been lied to,stood up,deceived,cheated,given promises that were not honored, If you know that you know that you know that its time to declare thus far and no more please read on

When You get poorly treated by others, when this kinds of treatment are recurring, when they come from the same people. Over and over again.Then its time to deal with it

The natural reaction will be to dish to them the same ill treatment they deserve yes?.. Teach them a lesson, Perhaps it will keep them from doing same in future . But no! tell you what it is, it is counter productive. So what do you do? There is a better way.and we can teach it.Here are 5 ways

  1. Be The Good Example. It is a simple principle, and it works well too,try keeping a cool calm voice in and argument, in no time the other person who may be yelling will bring their voice down
  2. Teach by Reinforcing Desired Behavior. Most people will tend to repeat what has been rewarded, so simply reward desired behavior, and withhold rewards for undesired behavior
  3. Remain Consistent. For instance if someone chooses to address you in a particular manner other than how you would want to be addressed, by all means remain consistent in correcting them
  4. Teach By Insightful Questions . Picture a scenario where your best friend habitually shows up late for dates and you’re beginning to feel taken for granted, ask them kindly “why do you think you persistently show up late, Is there anything I can do to help you keep to time?” that should help that friend have a rethink of the way their actions have been affecting your feelings
  5. Establish Clear Boundaries. Did you know that just by your keeping quiet through certain discussion, people know not to discuss certain topics around you.Refuse to give an ear to gossip and gossip will no longer be discussed around you

All the best with becoming your best self,do you and be you,so much so that others too becoming accepting of what you stand for.


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