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Bandits Abduct Professor, Kill Son, Three Others In Kaduna

19 January 2021 National News


Bandits, suspected to be kidnappers, have abducted a traditional Chief, Wazirin Wusasa, Prof. Aliyu Mohammed, in his residence at Wusasa area of Zaria and killed his son, Abdulaziz Aliyu during the raid.

They also killed another person in separate attacks on Anaba village and Birnin Yero town, all in Igabi Local Govermment Area.

Kaduna Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, who confirmed the incidents in a statement, said gunmen in separate attacks invaded three Local Government Areas in Kaduna on Sunday, killing four persons, including a Professor son, two vigilante members and one other.

The Commissioner gave the name of the victim killed in Igabi as Lawali Abdulhameed – who was shot in an attempt to escape.

According to him, bandits stormed Wusasa in Zaria LGA where they kidnapped the Wazirin Wusasa (title holder), Prof. Aliyu Mohammed, in his residence while his son, Abdulaziz Aliyu, was killed during the raid.




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