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Why Do Babies Stay Up At Night?

16 February 2017 Blog Mum's Diary

A friend of mine recently became a first time mum, and is finding it hard to get used to staying up all night, hear her”…chai, you guys never told me  it would be like this o, me that loves my sleep . ah please o this baby  needs to learn the difference between night and day abi does jet-lag  affect babies after traveling the birth canal?!

After a good laugh, i must say i  feel her pain because i have been there and done that myself, and i also realize that probably a lot  of new mums are there are struggling with the same frustrations,let me see how we can make things a bit better , woman to woman


So what can you do?

Not much, i am afraid, especially during the  first weeks of life.You may have to turn into a night owl yourself, but rest assured things will soon get better. When your baby is  older.

if the problem persists, here are a few tricks you can  try

  • Get baby  up in the morning at a normal waking time, rather than letting her sleep in to make up for lost night-time slumber. It may be tempting to let her sleep so you can catch up on sleep yourself, or get a few minutes of peace and quiet, but you will pay for it the next night
  • Give your baby a simple morning wash and a  change of clothes.
  • Play with her as much as you can throughout the day. Even if she’s sleeping soundly, wake her for feeds
  • Keep the curtains open in her room and be your usual noisy self. Don’t turn the ringer off the phone or avoid turning on the dishwasher. That way your baby won’t become the world’s lightest sleeper, and you won’t spend the next 10 years tip-toeing around the house when she’s in bed.
  • Don’t play with her at night. Keep her room dark, with just the minimum amount of light for feeds and nappy changes,be quiet and soothing. Move and talk in slow motion. Essentially, be as boring as possible.

There’s no harm in trying a simple bedtime routine of a bath and massage, or changing her back into night clothes, just as you expect to do when she is older.

Your baby will soon learn that daytime is for fun and night-time is for sleeping. The process may take several days or even up to a few weeks, but if you stick with it, you’ll soon have yourself a daytime baby.





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