Awosika Blames Nigeria’s Security Challenges On Rural-Migration

18 September 2019 National News

The Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika has blamed the nation’s security challenges on the rising cases of rural-urban migration with limited opportunities.

Awosika who delivered a lecture at the induction of Course 28 participants of the National Defence College in Abuja, emphasised on the need for the Federal Government to ensure inclusive and widespread development of the country.

“Most of the challenges you can have with security emanates from young people. 65 percent of our population is under 35.

“That is a national asset because it is abled-bodied working-class people, but it is also a national problem if we don’t engage them,” she said.

She noted that for the country to effectively tackle the menace of insecurity, the Federal Government should work hard in educating many youths and also engaging them upon graduation.

Noting that Nigeria has “an effective national education plan that ensures that every single child that is born in this country has access to education,” the First Bank chief stated the importance of education, stressing that “an educated, enlightened mind is an asset in nation-building.”

While praising the Armed Forces for their role to national development, the First Bank boss stated that securing Nigeria or any country is “beyond the guns and the battles.”

Explaining further, she said: “It is more strategic, it is clearly proactive. And in being proactive in handling the issues that can lead to war, you need to have taken care of many factors from the onset.”

Awosika who believes that the nation’s economy has a great impact on the state of security stressed that people will avoid conflict and war when they are well fed.

On the issue of inclusiveness in the military, the seasoned businessman called for more enrollment of women in the nation’s Armed Forces.


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