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How To Have An Awkward Conversation Effectively

9 December 2016 Blog


Do you have something uncomfortable to tell someone? Like maybe she smells bad, or he needs to wash his hair more, or everyone can see her underwear when she bends over? Here’s how to break the news with minimal fallout — and how to decide if you should keep silent instead.

Don’t jump the gun.

Nobody really wants to be the one to tell somebody they stink, so this advice shouldn’t be too hard to follow. Still, you should remember that it’s probably not worth commenting on somebody’s B.O., greasy hair, visible underwear or the like unless it’s causing a problem for you — or you’re pretty sure it’s starting to cause problems for them. A good rule of thumb when considering whether to confront a coworker for example (according to experts) is to ask yourself whether the issue is really affecting your work. Donna Flagg, author of “Surviving dreaded conversations” gave  similar advice:  Hear her”Wait for a pattern to emerge. Definitely don’t say anything the first, second or even third time you notice it.” If it’s something little that can be fixed in the moment — toilet paper on someone’s shoe comes to mind — go ahead and speak up. But for larger issues, it can be a good idea to hold off until you’re sure it’s an ongoing problem.

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