Why Ankara Is Gradually Taking Over Fashion World

African prints depict the heritage of our tribes and each motif and pattern tells a story.

Back in the day, wrappers were generally seen as clothing for older folk, but not anymore.  These days with the way they are designed  and made for all purpose, be it traditional, corporate, or special occasions.

The “Ankara” seems to be gradually taking over, there is no female or male without an Ankara jacket or gown especially on Fridays when it has become an unwritten law to flaunt your best designs at work, everyone seems to be wearing Ankara and if you’re not you feel left out!

The Nigerian ‘Aso Ebi’  (uniform) dress tradition   where  members of a particular social group or those attending a wedding, naming ceremony or burial have  to adhere to a design or color code  as uniform also has largely contributed in promoting the ankara On weekends, it is common to see groups of people in such “uniforms” at bus stops and churches.

Someday soon we may have our bridal gowns and wedding dresses made in ankara! even now it would bedazzle you how ankara can be made into just anything..need  I say more ..have a look at these……(pictures).


No doubt African prints have come to stay because most people both home and abroad love to be identified in the fabric . It soothes all occasions depending on what is made of it.

However, getting and making the right choice of ankara is another thing, so when next you are getting an ankara ensure you get the right colour that best soothes your completion which in the end brings out its beauty and elegance.

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