Angolan Doctors Rally Against Police Brutality





Report says, Angola’s Doctors’ Union led around 100 protesters in a march through the city centre in Luanda on Saturday to denounce police brutality and demand an investigation into the suspicious death of Silvio Dala in police custody after he was arrested for driving without a face mask on September 1 — i.e. supposedly breaching anti-coronavirus regulations.

Lenia Silva, a patient, aired out her frustrations with the Angolan police, “Who do we finally have to turn to, who do we have to ask for help? Who are you that we need? Police, stop doing this. The medical community is really sad, we are really sad.”

At the end of the march, which saw hundreds of demonstrators chanting and hanging visual displays of fake blood-stained medical garments, the Doctors’ Union president Adriano Manuel reiterated calls for clarity around the circumstances of Dala’s death,

“We will pursue our mission,” Manuel vowed as he addressed the crowd. “We will bring (the case) to court next week because we have concrete proof that our colleague did not die of a heart attack.”

Angola’s government imposed sanitary restrictions in March to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic with soldiers deployed to help police implement the new rules.

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