Amber Rose And Piers Morgan Clash Over Nude Pics On Twitter

The hashtag, #AmberRoseChallenge, is trending on Twitter over nude pics posted by the Model and ‘feminist’, Amber Rose.

The foremost advocate of the Slut Walk movement, Amber Rose, posted a crotch-revealing almost-nude photo of herself on Instagram in a bid to promote this year’s event. This year will mark the 3rd annual event organised to create awareness about issues women face.

Piers Morgan, presenter of Good Morning Britain and seasoned journalist, tweeted his thoughts like he always would. Did we doubt it?

He simply started by saying;

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What followed next is something out of the best script writing class.

Amber Rose and Piers Morgan reach a stalemate

Although Miss Rose has a lot of followers on social media, not all agreed with her methods. A twitter user, Paraprosexiahad a few words for Amber.

Twitter users react to Amber Rose Nude Pics

A twitter user by the name of Lee, tweeted a possible reason for this banter which we can’t ignore.

If only this were true. Lol

What do you think of Amber’s attempt at using nudity to garner respect for women and about how Piers handled it?

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