Amber Rose Doesn’t Support Blac Chyna’s Treatment Of Rob Kardashian

BFFs Blac and Amber ‘aren’t speaking’ as Rose disapproves of Chyna’s naked war against Kardashian.  

Blac Chyna is in a feud with her close pal and fellow former stripper Amber Rose because of Chyna’s battle with baby daddy Rob KardashianMTO News has reported.

According to the website, Chyna, 29, and Rose, 33, “got beef” as Rose believes Chyna is wrong in the way she has treated Rob.


You may recall that about a week ago Rob went on a social media rant exposing Chyna’s ill treatment of him and even sharing explicit naked photos to his millions of fans.


According to reports, Chyna is considering legal action against Rob, using “revenge porn law” as the basis for her claims.

MTO News wrote that when Chyna was being “SLUT SHAMED by Rob Kardashian,” “Amber was noticeably QUIET over it all.” This comes as a shock seeing as the two are well known BFFs.

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The website claims its sources say “two ladies are not speaking right now.

“Amber allegedly DISAPPROVES with what Chyna was doing to Rob Kardashian.”

A source told, “Amber is not trying to be as openly scandalous as Chyna. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a hustler too – but she doesn’t like how sloppy Chyna has been. She makes all the [former strippers] look bad.”


In addition to both being strippers, Chyna and Rose share a Kardashian family connection. Before Chyna hooked up with Rob, Rose had been Kanye West’s lover who is now married to Kim Kardashin West. What a love triangle!

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