Amazing Strategies To Control Costs

In this days and with the present state of the economy , Every home , business venture or organization will appreciate a wife,manager,or accountant that can better manage financial resources by cutting costs .

First let us understand the concept of controlling cost or controllable costs .A controllable cost is an expense that can be influenced. In other words, it’s a cost that can be increased or decreased based on their business decisions, or in a home priorities and needs. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the cost can be eliminated or controlled at will.

Owning an apartment comes with its fair share of uncontrollable expenses. However, it is how you handle the controllable expense that could mean the difference between making a saving or losing money. A controllable expense is best defined as cost that you can proactively avoid or reduce by planning ahead or negotiating. The top three controllable expenses are:

  • Utilities
  • General Ground Maintenance
  • Property Insurance

Here are strategies that can help you


If utilities are included in your tenancy monthly rent, then keeping track of how much you are spending per unit is key. Monitoring usage levels throughout the year to budget accordingly will help you better manage your cash flow and be able to spot irregularities that may occur from an overuse of electricity, water, or gas. The best way to control utility expenses is by reigning in the usage.

General Ground Maintenance

Keeping the outside areas  of your property in top shape can be expensive, especially if you add in shrubbery and flowers.

Staying ahead on preventative maintenance on your equipment is a sure way to reduce costly repairs and equipment replacements. If you do not have a regular maintenance schedule, then now is the time to create one and to stick to it.

Bringing it home, there are many things you and I can do to cut down cost, the bills keep coming,we to must make deliberate efforts keep developing strategies no matter how small the impact .Ladies, you an invest in good reusable wigs to cut cost of your hairdo every other week,you can wash and iron your clothes to cut out laundry service costs, all these are controllable . When it comes to school fees,fueling,medicals and others ,to a large extent they really can not be controlled

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