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All You Need Is Within You, Find Yourself With These 5 Tips.No 5 Is Fun

10 February 2020 Blog

You have probably heard this statement over and over and over again, So much so that it is starting to sound like a broken record, well permit me to remind you again, It is the truth and you have to remember it every once in a while

Everything you need is already within you. The beauty of life is that your DESTINY lies always in your hands. The time has come for you to STEP UP and BE GREAT”…Sir Pablo


Sometimes the people who cheer you on are not really your friends. and the ones who seemingly despise you may not necessarily be your enemies.If you have felt bad because you did not get help from a friend who was in a position to help ,by all means do not feel bad, rather let it be your motivation to look deep within , perhaps its time to do it yourself, and if you stretch yourself far enough, by God you will find that you can


My Grandmother once told me that “One never knows she can run until she is being chased by a wild animal” The question is, in that situation,does she develop the ability to run in that moment, No..truth is she always had in her the ability , but it took the right motivation to bring it out

What have you been struggling with and you have convinced yourself that help is coming from another quarters, I hate to break it to you like this ,But the fact is you can be the change you desire if you stop looking in all the wrong places and start seeing yourself as the solution. Everything you need,God already put within you. Breaking news, the search is over, be you, do you, do right and you will be great.


Start now to remember the simple things you were forced to do all by yourself because help could not be found, you probably wasted plenty of time waiting on someone and finally realized you had to do it yourself and you did right? So also you can do the big things ,but how can you, if you are too scared to try?

Becoming a mum has been one of my most challenging yet must fulfilling journeys in life, I have had to be strong for my children, face and deal with my fears . Before now I was really scared of driving at night, I would not try it even for a huge reward. One night. my baby got a fever, the temperature was alarming, My spouse traveled and I was home alone and knew I hard to get to the hospital very quickly . I tried to call on the neighbors but at that time guess they were fast asleep .

All I remember is that I got to the hospital and got medical care for my baby, and only afterwards did I realize that the road was dark,quiet and lonely, that it was about 2 am in the morning, that I had driven at top speed and most importantly that I had the courage to do what I needed to do


I encourage you today, stop crying over the fact that someone somewhere did not help you, Do not keep waiting on your wealthy Uncle to employ you in his company, start your own business, believe in yourself, take bold step, If at first you do not succeed , try and try again.


Yes, having overcome one major challenge,you will know you are growing and that will further boost your confidence so it is okay to give your self a pat on the back ,but do not rest on it, keep striving.

Good luck

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