Akpororo To Daddy Freeze: Leave Pastor Adefarasin, Face Me (Video)

10 December 2018 Entertainment

Nigerian stand-up comedian Jephthah Bowoto, popularly known as Akpororo, has warned popular on-air personality Daddy Freeze to face him rather than attacking Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

The feud between the comedian and the founder of Free the Sheeple Movement sprung up after Akpororo mocked Daddy Freeze at the recently held The Experience gospel musical concert organised by Adefarasin’s House on the Rock church.
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Akpororo had said during his performance that he would have turned Daddy Freeze to a ‘wall gecko’ if he had anointing like Elijah in the Bible for kicking against the payment of tithe in churches.

The comedian added that nobody could tell him to stop paying tithe because it works for him, noting that Daddy Freeze never wrote the Bible and hence cannot tell anyone to stop paying tithe.

But Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to school Akpororo and in the process, questioned Pastor Adefarasin for allowing the comedian, who he described as “uncultivated in scriptural matters” to “address such a delicate issue as tithing on his platform before the public”.

“My disappointment does not lie in Akpororo, but moreso in Paul Adefarasin, who could allow someone so uncultivated in scriptural matters, address such a delicate issue as tithing on his platform, before the public,” the OAP wrote.

After the reply of the OAP to his performance at the experience, Akpororo took to Instagram to respond to Daddy Freeze.

Listen To His Response Below:




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