Agricultural Forum Introduces Genetically Modified Beans To Boost Food Security

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Nigeria says it has produced a Genetically Modified beans that has a built in resistance to insects, which significantly reduces the use of pesticides on the beans.

The programme officer of the forum Dr Francis Nwanko disclosed this during the 8th conference and general meeting of the epidemiological society of Nigeria held in Jos.

He disclosed that normally, farmers apply pesticides to the beans five to ten times within a planting season, to avoid the pod borer insect from destroying their crops; saying the act increases the residues of pesticides in beans and increases the chances of toxicity in the beans.

According to him, with the genetically modified beans, the farmers needs to apply the pesticide only twice within the farming season.

Nwankwo, said that decrease in the use of pesticides on the beans within the farming season is beneficial to consumers as the beans has less toxicity in it from the pesticides.

8th conference and general meeting of the epidemiological society of Nigeria held in Jos

The Programme officer revealed that asides the less use of pesticides, the beans has five times more yield than the conventional beans and it takes about 36 hours to germinate compared to the conventional beans which takes a period of 5 days to germinate.

He said that the more yield gotten from the beans translates to Nigerians relying less on imported beans and it also increases food security.

Mr Nwankwo explained that the beans has aamw taste with the conventional beans in terms of taste, pointing that its only difference is it in built resistance to the pod borer.

He also disabused the beliefs of most persons who feel the beans are detrimental to the health of people saying that the opposite was the case.

He further disclosed that the federal government had approved the planting of the beans and cottons in the country as it is highly beneficial to both farmers and the end users.

Josiah Busun,/jos

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