AdaEmmy2016: FRCN’s Adaeze Obiagui’s Traditional Wedding Photos

The lovely and vivacious Adaeze Lillian Obiagui aka Adabekke, looked glamorous as she walked down to serve her husband drink sealing them as one on the occasion of their traditional wedding in Nimo, Anambra State.

Her friends from Abuja, especially lovely ladies from Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) looked dazzling in Red and Silver as they walked her out for the second outing where she went to find her man and serve him a drink to signify the one she loves.

Her fellow producers present who came all the way were Joyce Ileagu, Ufuoma Eguriase, Joan Kershima, Hafsat Isa and Asma’u Sani.


The Igbo traditional wedding is very intriguing to observe. From the moment the in-laws arrive to the first time the bride comes in to serve drink and then the actual paying of dowry to the main event in front of friends, family and well-wishers, it is all so beautiful and makes you appreciate how well the Igbo people have preserved their tradition that in the midst of so much change, they still remain true.

The fashionable FRCN producer and her Bae are such a perfect match as they compliment each other so well. Adabekke is a free spirited wave revolving around Emmy who is the calm centre.

More photos from the December 29th Traditional Wedding

We wish Ada and Emmy a blessed New Year and a beautiful journey as they step into Married life.

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