9 Ways To Have A Productive and Fulfilling Weekend

The weekend is here and this one is shaping up to be one long weekend, but have you figured out how to spend it? Many people never do so this is just some tips and reminders on what to do this weekend so it doesn’t pass by in a flash.

The key thing is utilizing the time adequately so you come out at the other side more refreshed than how you started.

9 things to do in order to get the best out of your weekend

  1.  Try Out A New Recipe

For the food lover, the working week will hardly be time enough to cook a great meal for yourself or family. Capitalize on the liberty of the weekend to whip up magic in the kitchen. This is the time to try out that new brownie recipe you found online.

  1. Clear Your Closet

Who is more likely to have a disorganized closet, men or women? Women are major culprits of messy closets especially because the average woman has more clothes than she needs. We buy everything and complain of not having anything to wear so we mess-up our closets in a bid to find the appropriate outfit. If you do this then use your weekend to declutter. It makes it easier to find stuff and it gives room for air.

  1. Wash Those Dirty Clothes

It’s easy to just get back from work or school and throw your clothes together without sorting them out and when the weekend comes around you realize you have a huge pile of dirty clothes. Wash them so you don’t have an even bigger pile next weekend.

  1. Lean Back and Relax

The weekend is supposed to be a time of rest and there are some activities that fit the ‘relaxation’ theme. You could watch a movie (at home), do karaoke or just play Ludo or whot with friends, family or the wifey/hubby. Just take time out to de-stress your life doing an activity of your choosing.

  1. Read a Book

This is the best time to pick up that book you’ve been putting off for a while. It could be a spiritual book, a bestseller or one of the numerous motivational books around. Just take out a couple of hours and read it through. A little knowledge goes a long way.

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.

David Bailey


  1. Clean Your House

We have a culture of using Saturdays for sanitation so if you have the good fortune of not working over the weekend then Saturday is perfect for cleanup. Clean the sitting area, rearrange it (do some research on fung shui) and just take your time doing house chores. It’s therapeutic.

  1. Spend Time With The Family

There is an increasing number of women supporting their husbands by working or managing business ventures these days. This means kids barely spend time with their parents.  It is not very healthy so make out time to spend with the family during the weekend.

  1. Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Most people don’t get how important sleep is, especially when you see yourself getting only get 3-5 hrs of sleep each day of the week. The body needs the downtime so don’t deprive your body of it. You’ll feel refreshed for the coming week.

  1. Plan For The New Week

The saying “failing to plan or planning to fail” is a simple and effective rule. Planning for the new week could be anything from organizing your first three outfits or making a proposed budget for the week to cut down on excessive spending. Whatever it is, scribble down a thing or two and your week will be better for it. Start planning ahead and ensure you enjoy your weekend to the fullest in order to be fired up for each new week.


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