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9 Unhealthy Fashion Trends This Season

20 December 2016 Blog

Its in the nature of humans to always want to look their best and we all know that fashion can be exciting, transformative, and fun but there are some facets of fashion that over time could be dangerous to our bodies and our overall well-being.

That’s the actual things we put on our bodies, as well as mind-sets we adopt for the sake of trying to follow the trend. From the kind of shoes we wear to cloths and even our life styles.

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Most of these fashion trends are exceedingly common with women and most of the women we spoke with told us that wearing or doing what is “invogue” boosts their level of confidence but it’s also good we know that most of these trends in fashion, though attractive, may leave you much worse off than if you didn’t include them in your life at all because you can actually look good without them.

They are numerous but we’ve selected just a few

Constant wearing of High Heel Shoes: Many of us wear high heel shoes all day long and very often but according to findings, wearing high heels regularly can cause poor posture because it puts pressure on your joints. Walking on the ball of your feet forces your torso to lean forward, simultaneously forcing you to straighten out by leaning back. This puts an incredible amount of stress on the spine and compresses its discs over time; it can lead to back pain, ankle injuries, arthritis and spinal issues. The higher the heel, the more of your weight is placed on the balls of your feet. A research has also verifies that high heel shoes alter the structure of muscles and sinews, so you may consider opting for shorter pumps or elegant flats.  It’s really important to remember that injury is cumulative



 Wearing of body shapers, Waist trainers: sucking in your stomach robs your body of precious oxygen, which slows your metabolism, affects your focus and performance and deprives your cells of life. According to some medical doctors, prolonged wearing of a waist trainer could also decrease your core strength causing tension in the body which is one of the reasons people experience so much shoulder and neck tension—plus it can lead to headaches, stomach discomfort, depression, anxiety and other issues.


Color Contact Lenses If you can purchase these lenses without a prescription from a doctor, they may not be safe to put in your eyes at all. These contact lenses can cause blindness, decreased vision, scratches on the cornea, and pink eye. Always seek the advice and counsel of proper sanitation and care from a specialist.


Body piercings:   A Study carried out in Northwestern University in 2012 showed that 20% of body piercings have resulted in bacterial infections including swelling and bleeding. Ensuring that a professional performs a body piercing and proper aftercare is so crucial. Infections can spread to the blood and to the entire body and become fatal if untreated, and if piercings do not heal properly, scar tissue can form and skin may never return to its original state. Scar tissue that develops from nipple piercings can also limit the ability to breast feed later on.


Wearing skinny jeans: Whether you’re trying to look taller or thinner for a photo, squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans is definitely not good for you. Wearing of tight clothing may be fashionable, but skin-tight denim and other close-fitting trousers can have health repercussions for both women and men. For men, wearing tight trousers can cause overheating of the testes, lowering sperm count and causing fertility problems. For women, wearing skinny jeans can increase your chances of developing thrush. 




Carrying Heavy Bags: It’s a fact that the bigger the bag, the more things we find to fill, and most women typically carry purses on one side, either on the shoulder or perched on their lower arm. This uneven weight distribution prompts the body to shift causing muscle imbalances and a slew of alignment issues, such as one shoulder being more developed and sitting higher than other. It can also create pain in the spine because the torso shifts to counterbalance the uneven weight. In addition, heavy bags can lead to neck discomfort and shoulder pain that could land you in the chiropractic office. You’re better off choosing a cute clutch or wallet and keeping unnecessary belongings at home.


Starving to look skinny: Starving is the worst thing to do when trying to lose weight because it puts your body under a lot of stress and slows your metabolism making your body to store more fat. According to research, people who “don’t eat” wind up snacking, often taking in excessive sugar which is vile for the body and can lead to bloating and swelling. People may have said they lost weight drastically by starving, this method is really not effective just stick to eating healthy foods and staying active. It may not be so easy but it’s healthier and more effective.

Cosmetic Surgery: Going under the knife for the sake of beauty already seems extreme, however the attraction perseveres. There can be some extremely dangerous procedures that make this one of the unhealthiest trends in fashion. There have been cases where implants placed in the breasts or buttocks have burst open, and Botox injections can cause the muscles in the face to become permanently paralyzed.


Constant use of weighty Earrings: Big or dangly earrings are definitely trendy and in style; however, they can be a dangerous fashion accessory. Dangly earrings can damage the ear tissue as it is stretched and pulled down by their weight. According to experts, more and more women are actually seeking surgery to heal from the damage caused by way-too-heavy earrings.

Avoid wearing heavy earrings for long periods of time

Don’t fall asleep in your earrings (big or small)

Consider using an over-the-counter earlobe support product that prevents tears

Remove earrings during certain situations: using the telephone, at the hair salon, working out

Be aware that small children and babies may be attracted to earrings

Remove your earrings before removing upper clothing, like sweaters

Some of these may seem like no-brainers, but it’s always good to be reminded. Don’t let your passion for fashion trump your good sense!

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