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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Diego Costa

5 March 2017 Sport

Have you ever wondered how Diego Costa got his unruly behavior?

Being one of the most popular footballers in the world of the sport today, Costa is known for his talent off the field as well as being a hot-headed one at that.

Diego Costa took 17 minutes to make himself known in the English Premier League, scoring in his debut against Burnley (just as typically, he picked up a yellow card soon after). Nineteen more goals in 25 more league appearances followed (seven more bookings).

With the rumors circulating all around the internet about whether or not the striker will be going back to Atletico Madrid or China ,Diego Costa is certainly the most talked about footballer lately.

But for those who don’t know who Diego Costa is, allow me to give you a few surprising (or maybe not really surprising) facts about this brilliant Chelsea Player.

Here are 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Diego Costa:

1. He Learned Football On The Streets
Some of the best football players may have gone through football schools or camps or something similar, but Diego Costa learned how to play the beautiful game on the streets.

He said, “The street was my school”. He only played street football until he was 16 years old and admitted that it has toughened him up, making him the hotheaded player that he is.

2. First Display of His Unruly Character
When he was younger and playing for Barcelona Esportiva Capela, Costa received a four-month ban for slapping an opponent and dissent towards the referee. Nevertheless, he was allowed to compete in the under-18 Taça de São Paulo.

3.His Uncle Recommended Him to a Football Club
Despite the fact that Costa was never coached in football and was never a professional, he became a member of Barcelona Esportiva Capela, a team from Ibiúna, where the youth were encouraged to play sports than do drugs. Costa turned professional at the club and earned £100 per month.

4.Costa Never Believed That He Would Turn Professional
As a child, Costa did not believe that he would turn professional football player because of the remoteness of his hometown. Instead of striving to train as professional footballer, Costa set up a football academy in his hometown where aspirants like him can play.

5. He Was Named After Diego Maradona
Rivalries in sports are common, one such rivalry is between two countries Brazil and Argentina. Despite being Brazil-born, Diego’s father, Jose De Jesus, named him after the Argentinean football legend, Diego Maradona.

6.He Booted Chelsea Out Of The Champions League
Before getting signed onto Chelsea, Diego Costa certainly left an impression upon the fans of team, back when he was still in Atletico Madrid during the Champions League . It was Atletico Madrid against Chelsea in the semi-finals of the League, which resulted in the blues getting kicked out with a score of 3-1 in favor of Costa’s team. But later on Atletico would then lose to their rivals, Real Madrid.

He Was Sought After By Chelsea And Even Arsenal
Since his breakout season in Atletico Madrid, his skills caught the eyes of two popular teams. Arsenal had hopes in pairing him up with Oliver Giroud, but naturally, the blues got to him first.

8.His Breakout Season Was The 2013-2014 Season
Everyone has their breakout seasons. It is where your talent is recognized the most, where you show everyone just how good you are. Diego Costa has his, and it wasn’t very long ago, it was in the 2013-2014 season. The Brazilian’s stats were enough to convince Chelsea to sign him on with £32 million. Atletico Madrid’s favored striker, Radamel Falcao had jumped ship and transferred to Monaco, and thus Diego Costa stepped into the spotlight in the 2013-2014 season, getting himself known with 36 goals overall.

9.He Chose Not To Represent Brazil Despite Being Brazil-Born

He got a lot of flack for it too. Diego was born in Lagarto, in Sergipe, the country’s smallest state. Having been born in Brazil, it’s always assumed that he’d play for his home country. However, that wasn’t the case for Diego Costa, who chose to play for Spain, turning his back on his home country. He was signed onto Atletico Madrid, and having reached his 5th year of residency in Spain, he was eligible for a Spanish passport under EU rules, making him a dual-citizen.

In case you dont know,  Man United  boss, Jose Mourinho and Costa share the same agent, Jorge Mendes.

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