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9 Things You Can Do To Celebrate The Woman In Your Life

9 March 2018 Blog

It is march,  the month of women, so do not get tired of celebrating the women in your life.  I have heard it said that women (especially mothers) are like buttons, they  hold everything together,permit me to add that they make the world go round. If it was up to me women will be celebrated everyday not just on International women’s day, So yes we all have special women in our lives,our mothers,sisters,Aunties,Best friend,mother-Inlaw,Sister-Inlaw, wife, daughters. i thought to share these ideas to help you make them feel loved,cherished,appreciated and of course to say thank-you because seriously what would you do without them? okay do not answer that  but by all means celebrate them already,here are 9 things you can do

1.Give her a much needed holiday from house chores ,just this One day let her put her feet up and do nothing !

2.Buy her something really nice, if you can afford something expensive go all the way but most importantly  it is the thought that counts

3.Take her to see a movie or to a restaurant she has always wanted to visit

4.plan a surprise celebration party and invite her closet friends

5.Fix the leaking roof in  your wife’s mothers house and let her find out later,well,her mothers roof  may not  be leaking, I am just saying do something nice for her mother period

6.Write a letter, poem,  about how amazing  she is and read it to her slowly

7.Ask her what things you can do to make her life easier and watch her cry tears of joy

8.Take a walk,talk deeply about when you first met,reminisce on old times,count your blessings,be grateful together and praise God, a woman is overwhelmed with joy when her man is in touch with his spiritual side


9.help her live her dream, reinvent herself,celebrate her uniqueness.commit in word and in deed to support any  ongoing personal projects   she  may have and  follow through to the end

And having done all,love her unconditionally, you can never go wrong with that.wink,wink

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