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9 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals This Year

6 January 2017 Blog

We all have dreams, whether big or small and they have vast importance in our lives. Having our dreams come true is related to our happiness and well-being, but for us to effectively achieve what we want in life, we must set goals and work towards achieving them.9 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Setting of goals is essential because the process of striving for our goals can also help us develop into better person especially when we don’t abandon them after a while.

So, whether your dream is to become a millionaire, start up a business, become an artist, be a world-class athlete or just to shade off some weight this year, don’t wait, start working towards your goal today.

Achieving our set goals sometimes can be pretty hard but it can be less difficult when we set clear and realistic goals. So if you failed last year, don’t be scared to try again this year.

Here are 9 simple steps you can follow to achieve your desired goals.

Decide what you want to achieve and be specific:  Your first step is to determine what is it you want to achieve. This can be a big change or small one, but taking some time to think about what you hope to achieve is an important first step to success. Even minor goals are okay because not everyone really desires great success and is willing to completely change his/her life, but be sure of what you want before you set goals for it so you don’t lose interest after a while.

Have a reason for setting your set goals: It’s important to take a little time to think about why you are setting the goals you have chosen. Think seriously about your motivations for setting such goals, you may just find that the reason is not worth it and you end up changing your goals.

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Envision the impacts of your goals . After you have found a motivation for your desired goals, spend some time thinking about how each of these goals will affect your life. This will help you determine the benefits of striving for each of the goals. Thinking in these terms will also help you visualize the process of striving for these goals and can help boost your motivation.

Think as if your life depended on it: Take time to think about your set goals because when you shift to a determined, creative mindset, you begin to discover solutions for challenges that you may have believed were out of your control. Ask this question, If your life depended on these goals, would you come up with a new idea or strategy to save yourself? Absolutely.  The goal you want to achieve probably is not a life-or-death scenario, but many creative solutions come when you put everything on the line.

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Research about your set goals: Read books or articles about what you want to achieve. Meet people who can help you and listen to their advice, but use your common sense and reason before accepting anything.

9 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals This YearDraw a plan of action: After you have carefully thought and found out a goal or goals you really desire to achieve, draw up a plan. Be as practical as possible. List the steps you need to take or any other thing you need to implement that will take you closer to achieving your goal.

Identify possible obstacles.  Think about what obstacles could stand in the way of achieving your goals. This is important because thinking about the challenges in advance gives you a chance to come up with some ideas about how you will overcome them.

Take action: Don’t just affirm and visualize and do nothing. Take any action required to bring your goal into fruition. Follow your intuition, new ideas and opportunities that present themselves, and accept help from other people.

Examine your goals periodically: Last but not the list. Been aware of your environment is key. Because you have given so much time working towards achieving that particular goal does not mean you must complete it. Some goals aren’t worth achieving. Circumstances and people change. Some goals lose their importance, so it’ s a good idea to re-examine your goals regularly and weed out the worthless ones.

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