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Noble Igwe photo from Instagram

9 Quick & Easy Fashion Tips For The Modern Man

12 May 2017 Blog

Men these days have become more conscious of their style and fashion accessories because we can all agree that looking good is good business. Seeing as style is ever changing, there is a need to stay trendy without breaking the bank and here we have men’s fashion tips to ensure you don’t follow trends but be more aware of your style which can be timeless.

Here are 9 quick and easy fashion tips for the modern man
  1. Your Clothes Should Fit– The most dramatic improvement you can give your wardrobe is to ensure that all your clothes fit well without being tight. Bad fit is an epidemic that has no business anywhere at any time. Be like our very own Tshakes who always wears what fits.

Noble Igwe photo from Instagram - Men's fashion

  1. Simple is Suave–What you need is to look great without being overdressed. Don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry or more than three colours(This rule applies to women too). Don’t dress like a rock star unless you’re in a band. You could add a flashy watch or a simple accessory like an interesting necklace, but nothing more.
  2. Casual Shouldn’t be Drab– Casual doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun with collared shirts (Polo), coloured tees, or take some inspiration from those who approach casual a bit differently.
  3. Pay attention to your supporting pieces – Some sweaters are lean and others are big and chunky. The first rule of thumb is that your top and bottom halves need to match. If you’re wearing a big, chunky, rugged fisherman knit sweater, your bottom needs to be rugged, too. Don’t wear a fisherman’s sweater with a beautiful silk-and-wool suit pant. Instead, wear it with something as casual as cargos or jeans, or dress it up with a Harris tweed blazer.
  4. Never go shopping alone– It’s usually hard to believe what sales people say because they work for commission and will say what they need to say. Shop with a friend who will give you their honest opinion.It helps.

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  1. Invest in a superb pair of shoes– If it’s one thing that women will notice, it’s your shoes. Especially how clean and sharp they look. It’s easy to wash and press the rest of your clothes to keep them looking new, but most guys disregard their shoes. Show that you’re a man of taste by getting a great pair of shoes and keeping them in pristine condition.@christophersandco Men's fashion item
  2. Fashion Tees with logos– When you’re going around with a big logo on your shirt, you risk looking like a walking billboard. Lose the lame Coca-Cola shirt and go for a classic v-neck tee or something artsy.
  3. Ask for real feedback– Most of your friends and family aren’t going to go out of their way to tell you what looks bad. You have to ask for it. In fact, ask anyone and everyone you trust to tell you the truth. Ask your hairstylist, ask your best friend, ask your mother!
  4. Experiment with style– The only way you’ll really learn, is if you go out there and try new things. Make an effort to try something completely out of my comfort zone whenever you are in the market or store – many times you’ll end up loving something you never thought you would. If you make mistakes, its alright. So many guys are afraid to express themselves through their style, don’t be one of them.

Photo Credit: Noble Igwe’s Instagram

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