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9 Interesting Facts You Should Know

24 May 2017 Blog

There are several facts on the internet if you know what to look for. Some make your jaw drop and others make you laugh your head off. Below are 9 interesting facts that will inform and enlighten you. Let us know what you think!

  1. Google’s founders were willing to sell to Excite in 1999 for under $1 million which is about 199,000,000 naira now, but Excite turned them down. Imagine what life would be without Google.
  1. The total weight of all the ants on earth is greater than the total weight of all the humans on the planet.
  2. In a 2008 survey, 58% of teenagers thought Sherlock Holmes was a real person while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not.
  3. Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than all the workers at the Nike factory in Malaysia combined.
    Michael Jordan picture with basketball
  4. A Blue whale’s heart is as large as a Volkswagen Beetle and its arteries are big enough for a person to swim through.
  5. Fredric Baur invented the pringles can and when he died in 2008, his ashes were buried in one.
  6. Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. This is one interesting fact.mona lisa frame
  7. The 3 wealthiest families in the world have more assets than the combined wealth of the 48 poorest nations.wealth
  8. A human will eat on average 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders while sleeping. Eww!insects

Which was the most interesting fact to you? Tell us some of your all-time favourite fact.

Source: All That Is Interesting

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