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9 Clothes You Can’t Avoid This Harmattan

11 February 2020 Blog

The harmattan season is characterized by the dry, cold, harsh and dusty weather. Most times the weather gets really cold late at night and early hours of the morning.

In this season people suffer a lot from common cold, flu, and very dry to itchy skin due to the harshness of the weather.

Here are 9 cloths to help you cope with the weather

  1. Cotton Fabrics: Wear clothes made of cottons rather than silk, since silk may stick to the body and really make you uncomfortable.
  2. Long Sleeves: Long sleeves are preferable to short sleeves for better covering from cold and dryness of the weather.
  3. Trouser: Trouser will cover more skin than shorts.
  4. Long Clothes: Long Dresses or skirts will also cover more skin.
  5. Thick Clothes: Wear thick clothes like jackets, cardigans, or sweaters that will prevent you from the cold as well as dryness.
  6. Shades: Use shades or glasses to prevent the dust from getting into your eyes which causes irritation around and in the eyes.
  7. Head Gear: Cover your head with headgear, hood or face cap to prevent the dust from getting into the scalp.
  8. Lip Balm: Also lip gloss or lip balm is essential to keep the lips moist at all times. you need to apply this at intervals to prevent cracked or chapped lips.
  9. Covered Shoes: Covered shoes keeps your feet protected from excess dust. You can also use socks or stockings as the case may be.

So which ever you find suitable, do ensure you stay covered and protected from the harsh harmattan weather.



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