8 Fashion Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

  1. Combination of colours, some people put on a combination of rainbow colours making them so conspicuous and most times unpleasant to behold. Choose your colours according to your complexion and you are good to go.
  2. Unsuitable Jewelry: Only use jewelry appropriate for the occassion, heavy costumes should be set aside for those glamorous events where everyone and everywhere is ‘blinking’.
  3. Unsitable Shoes: Use comfortable shoes that fits daily, not too tight and high. when its too high or tight you find it difficult to move around in. Suitable shoes doesn’t just make your day but makes you smart.
  4. Make-up: This, particularly ladies should be mindful of the kind of make up they wear, some are simply too loud for daily use depending on the environment with which you find yourself, Yes you can wear that heavy makeup when you are probably going for that pageant, wedding, dinner etc.
  5. Dressing Inappropriate for body type. That cloth looks too good on ‘A’ doesn’t mean it will look same on ‘B’. Know your body type and get what suits you. I bet you, you’d look more gorgeous than replicating the cloth on ‘A’.
  6. Weather Dressing: follow weather forecast and dress accordingly.
  7. Bags: (women) know that certain bags are simply not for daily use. it does not suit the occassion. And Daily used bags are equally not meant for certain glamorous events.
  8. Hair type: Depending on the occassion, multi-coloured hair extension may look weird sometimes, but just ensure it suits the day otherwise just look normal like everyone around you.

So try to avoid these mistakes and you’d make a good fashion sense where ever you find yourself.

Do you know more fashion mistakes that people make? Please share with us.

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