Ahmed Musa And Wife Not Divorcing Ahead of His Second Marriage

Super Eagles star Ahmed Musa and his wife Jamila are not divorcing despite his move to marry a second wife.

Musa has started the process of marrying his second wife Juliet Ejue with their wedding fixed for Saturday, July 1.

There have been talks that he is set to divorce his wife Jamila but Pulse Sports have learnt that the couple is not keen to end the marriage.

According to a Pulse Sports insider, Jamila is not ready for divorce and will soon travel back to Leicester to join her husband.

She left Leicester for Kano just immediately after the incident which led to the arrest of Musa by police on Wednesday, April 5.

The 24-year-old player was arrested and question by Leicestershire Police at his residence on suspicion of hitting his wife.

He was, however, released without any charges.
The insider revealed that the incident that night occurred because of the arguments over Musa’s plan to marry a second wife.

“He just told his wife about his plan to marry a second wife and they had a huge argument; it was the neighbours who called the police,”A source said.

The source also revealed that Jamila’s only issue with Musa’s plan to marry a second wife is the religion of the new woman.
“Juliet is a Christian and while Jamila does not have a problem with it, she is confused,” the source revealed.

“She does not have a problem with Musa marrying a second wife, he’s a Muslim, she always knew it was just a matter of time before he got himself a second wife.

“But she is a Christian and Musa is a Muslim so she does not understand it.

Musa and Jamila have two kids together, their son born in 2013 and their daughter born in August 2015.

Musa and his new wife-to-be have released their pre-wedding photo ahead of the nuptial in July.

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