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6 Simple Ways You Can Make Extra Cash This Christmas

7 December 2017 Blog News

We are already in the last month of the year and it’s time to get our holiday spending ready to go. Most people associate the holiday season with celebrations, but do you know it can also provide you with opportunities to earn some extra cash?

Well, if you are willing to sacrifice some of what normally would be your free time, you could go through the holidays making money instead of spending it especially those whose offices will officially go on break this period. And in an economy like ours, who wouldn’t want some extra cash? 

Below are five ways you can put more cash in your pocket this Christmas.

1. Corporate Gifts: Companies generally give their valued customers and employees gifts at Christmas and New Year.
So what are you waiting for? Start creating corporate gifts that are personalized and unique, but try to make it pocket friendly since companies have Christmas budgets too.


2. Put up Christmas Decorations: Putting up Christmas decorations is another sure way to make some extra cash this period. You could decorate homes for busy people who don’t have the time to do it themselves. You can also approach offices for their decorations, who knows, you might just be lucky to have the contract.
If you keep photographs of the homes you decorated in previous years, you could add them to a scrapbook, or make a brochure, to give people an idea of how good your decorations are.

3. Become a cab driver: – There is usually an increase in movement at Christmas period. You can either do inter/intra-state cab transport. Both men and women can engage in this business. Its no longer a strange thing seeing women as taxi drivers. Pick people up, take them to their location, and get paid. There are  lots of people earning good money from doing that.

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4. Design and sell Christmas Cards: When Christmas is near, people buy and exchange Christmas greeting cards with their friends, relatives, and customers. This explains the reason why the demand for Christmas cards start booming anytime from 1st December .
So, If you are a creative artist, you can design beautiful greeting cards and put them up for sale. You can design them either by hand or with a computer. Either ways, there’s money to be made. If you don’t have the required artistic creativity, you can buy greeting cards in wholesale quantities and sell them. Believe me, not everybody has the time to go buy a card at a store or mall. So take the chance.


5. Sell your unused items: If you look around your home—your closet, garage, bookshelf, and everywhere else—chances are that you will find loads of items you no longer need, but are still in very good conditions.

Guess what? There are many people out there who need those items badly and are ready to buy them from you at mind-blowing costs. You might think those items are worthless and would sell for crumbs, but that’s because you no longer need them. Those who need them value them much more than you do.
You can also find buyers for your used, electronics, furniture, and other items online markets. This will fetch you some extra cash for the season. 

6. Catering Services: One of the most time consuming activities during Christmas is having to cook, but if cooking is your passion, you could offer catering services so that hosts can enjoy more time with their guests instead of being in the kitchen.
Many Christmas parties are held well ahead of Christmas Day, so you can have your advertising sorted out now giving ample time for people to book your catering services.
You could organize tasting sessions where people can sample your food before they decide on a menu for their parties.




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