6 Easy ways To Unleash Your Creativity While At Home

My daughter, asked me recently: “Mum, what is the one thing that you can’t live without?” I immediately thought my family. I think that besides God’s grace, one of the things that has kept me strong this past days is the love, companionship and security I have enjoyed from the support system called family. It is therefore safe for me to say that I have the best chance to live a successful and fulfilling life if I have the love and support that the home provides

I shared my thoughts with her. She responded, “That’s great mum. What then is the most important thing in life?

You will agree with me that in the past weeks, like me you may have been asked or found yourself searching your heart for the answer to this question as well. What do you most want to do with your days and with your life?”

It got me thinking about how I best like to spend my days and the kind of work I do. I am happiest when I know I have inspired, encouraged or motivated someone through my creativity. I like to write, it helps me create a picture in the mind of the reader that gravitates them towards their inner man and provokes their own creativity thereby recreating scenarios with multiple possible outcomes that are positive

 Creativity is the drive and energy behind my best-spent days and most successful endeavors. I am at my best when I have a new idea that I am “cooking”. Creativity is how God intended us to be, it is the ability to birth new things

 Think of innovators like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci; they accomplished great things with their lives and affected the lives of people all over the world. I cannot imagine how the world will be without social media ,for some of us its more than just a means of interacting with people, it is actually a work tool .that is just one example, think of how your own creative ideas today can help transform your world tomorrow..Aha!

Now what can you do to unleash and tap into the creativity within yourself? Here are six ideas from me to you:

1. Write down your ideas

Something about writing  provides wings on which our ideas can fly., besides it is shocking how fast we tend to forget things when we do not keep a journal. Simply write your raw unedited thoughts, they do not have to make sense just yet, but it will give you a place to start from ,Many years ago I started to scribble a lot about my parenting experiences and those of close family and friends plus lessons learnt. Today those scribbling’s are a published book

2. After writing, Do some sketching

I am very bad at drawing but that doesn’t matter. One very good tailor inspired me to get a sketch pad and a variety of writing tools, like colored pencils and markers, I love making clothes that fit my body type, but I never really know what I want, I may love the sleeve from a dress in a fashion magazine but not the rest of the design. So my tailor would draw a sketch for me using that sleeve but slightly modifying the rest of the dress and we would come up with perfection! So I started drawing up sketches for my dream house, my private office after retirement etc. believe me once you have created a picture in your head, there is no stopping you. In the words of Reverend Jesse Jackson “There is unlimited power in a mature mind and a developed spirit, if your mind can conceive a thing and your heart perceives it, surely you will achieve it”. I say if your mind can conceive a thing and you create a picture sketch which you store in your heart, you will be motivated to pursue it until you get it, keep your mind on the price.

3. Spend time with nature.

While I was writing my book, there were days I experienced something called a writer’s block, I just could not come up with material, on those days a drive to the park just lying on the grass, enjoying the fresh breeze, looking at the flowers, birds and trees and just watching other park users generally brought me inspiration, and why not, Who better to draw inspiration from than the creator of nature   himself.   .

4. Take action

It’s as simple as that, nothing will happen until you make a move,  creativity does not manifest when you’re sitting at a desk all day you must act on your ideas to birth the picture in your head, you may sound crazy and do not expect anyone to run with your idea ,remember you are the only one that can see the picture in your head. You need to make it visible before others can see plus when you begin to act, new and fresh ideas for the way forward will come to you

5. Take a break, have fun.

Some of the most amazing ideas I have thought of came to me while playing around with my children. They are an entirely different species children, It is amazing how much one can learn from them . we are all grown up  with real responsibilities yes, However it does not mean that we don’t need to play.

By nurturing our playful sides, we feel more joyful and creative. I have come up with beautiful material and published articles after playful conversations with friends or colleagues .What may seem like play for   some, is for me a process for collection of data. For creative minds, Inspiration is everywhere

By all means play a little, live a little .Never stop exploring your world, ask questions  always and remember that at whatever age, learning never stops.


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