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5 Ways You May Be Over Indulging At This Time

16 April 2020 Blog

Make the most of this time but do not overindulge

It is very easy to pick up some habits at this time which may be difficult to break when the lockdown is over and we resume “normal life”. For some of us this is Gods Intervention, the first time we will be resting at home from a very busy schedule, people work hard against all odds to put food on the table, some even work all year round with no breaks, but what one must never forget is that never stopping to rest even when their body begins to sound the alarm with high blood pressure readings and other symptoms is deadly. The temptation to push a little more and make some extra cash is  as overwhelming as it is expensive, too expensive in fact, how much can one pay for life?

.Let me share two scenarios. Ngozi is a very good hairdresser, and it is usually a bumper harvest for her at festive seasons when so many women want to get their hair done, she came highly recommended and that is how I found her last Christmas. I met her to book an appointment to make my hair as well she was making another customers hair on her feet and we talked and agreed on a day, I noticed the date she gave me was 2 days to Christmas, and I wondered out loud, shouldn’t you have closed shop for the holiday by then?” Don’t mind her cut in another customer; she won’t rest until all the money is in her hands. I’ve been here all day waiting my turn she has been standing like this all day, this is the 3rd person she is braiding today and I have not seen her eat anything or sit down. I’ve told her to get people and train them so they can assist her but  she wants to make the money alone” we just laughed about it and I left

On the said day , I returned to make my hair as scheduled only to find the saloon closed, on making enquiries from the shop next door I was told she had fainted while making a customer’s hair the previous day and was rushed to hospital.

Scenario   two. Ubong is such a good chef and his delicacies have earned him his nickname “taste and see” .The owner of the restaurant where he works decided to give him an opportunity to make some extra cash for himself in order to reward him for the high patronage she had recorded due to his good cooking, she introduced “Ubongs pot O soup” a servive where   ubong could cook a pot of soup on demand for  a customer, this was a welcome idea especially for very busy customers who sometimes did not find the time to cook. The proceeds from same were shared between them, she got the money from soup ingredients while Ubong got the fee for the cooking in addition to his salary, the more extra pots he cooked, the more money he earned. Soon , there were so many orders coming and the owner observing that Ubong was overworked decided to decline taking some orders, you need to rest she told him, but  Ubong could not resist the temptation to make extra cash, he secretly called the customer and promised to deliver. He came at night after the restaurant had closed and began to cook the soup, he could not cheat nature however, as he slept off only to be awoken by fire, the soup had burnt so badly and the fire has extended to the curtain at the window burning nearly half the kitchen. Of course the restaurant owner was so angry and he lost his job, it could have been worse, what if he got burnt in the fire as well.

The focus now is on balance. For some people it took the Governments stay at home order to get them to rest their overworked selves, while for others it is reason to become even lazier.

Staying true to oneself and acquiring discipline so as not to overindulge does not come easy. You have to work at it. I saw a funny illustration where a couple had eaten so much and gained so much weight that they could not go through the door after the lockdown, it was hilarious and good stress relief ‘It made me laugh but it also made me think

What are you doing and what effect will it have on your transition back to normal life after now

Here are some of the things what you must avoid,

  1. Overeating and overspending

You may be tempted to eat more calories than your body needs at this time, boredom, anxiety, depression and psychological reasons at this time may be a factor but do not give in, remember that overeating cause various health challenges and that will help keep you in check. This is also not the time to squander all your savings. Tomorrow will come, and you will be better off if you are prudent today

2.Sleeping too much.

You better believe it; too much of everything is bad even if it is a good thing. When you get used to oversleeping, it will be hard to get back to work mode and be up early to prepare for work or business as the case may be, do your best not to totally disrupt your routine, you can still wake up early and use the time for the luxuries you could not afford before like exercise, family devotions .Time wasted can never be regained

3 .Too much screen time

At this time there is massive exposure to digital devices, schools have set up digital classrooms for our children, and offices have asked that we work from home. Consequently, this is causing many people to experience digital eye strain that comes with migraines, blurry vision. Dry tired and itchy eyes plus light sensitivity. Reduce screen time and stay healthy

4. Worrying about everything

         You must avoid this at all cost, what can worry do for you anyway rather than further complicate    issues by negatively affecting your health? Hand it over to God in prayer .Some of this worry is triggered by too much information which may even be fake, protect your mental health jealously, do not listen to everything and do not go out of your way looking for unnecessary information

5.Cutting off from family and friends

Yes we are encouraged to observe social distancing but by all means try to keep in touch with family and your good friends; you cannot visit at this time, but you call and text often to see how they are faring. Do not loose your healthy relationships because you failed to care at this difficult time, you need each other now more than ever

Stay safe

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