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5 ways To Activate Work Mode After The Holidays

2 January 2017 Blog

Going back to work after the holidays might be one of the hardest things to do. You just spent a few days or even a couple weeks off, and going back to work might have you hitting a wall.However, we all have to go back eventually,  so here are a few tricks to ease the transition form holiday mode back to work mode

1. Go Easy On Yourself

You can’t expect to jump back into being productive after a holiday, so make sure to give yourself a little room to breathe. A catch-up day can be anything from an extra day off to get over your jet-lag and clean your house after all the guests have gone, or just a day you set aside to clear your inbox and set the tasks for the rest of the week. Don’t try to schedule important meetings your next day back, it’s more than likely you won’t be at your peak and a break is essential.

2. Make a To-Do List (and follow it)

The easiest way to ease back into work is tracking what you need to be doing. Some people make a To-Do list everyday they work anyway, but for those who don’t, this is a great way to keep track of what needs to be done even if your mind is still back in vacation mode. Make it an accessible list, like actually writing it down and crossing things out as you finish them. It will keep you on track for the days ahead as you get back into work mode. Remember to do the thing you’re dreading to do first since it’ll make the rest of the to-dos seem like a breeze.

3. Get back to a normal routine at work (and at home)

Most people have a very set schedule at work, like coffee at 9 am, lunch at noon, meetings in the afternoon, etc. A good way to transition back to work is to go back to the routine you’re used to. This means your home routine too. You might have had to put off your daily workout or your Happy Hour hangouts because of the holiday, but getting every aspect of your life back to normal can help put you back in a productive mindset.

Truth be told, even in doing all these, the prospect of going back to work after  the holidays  is a tough thing to face, so to further help get you activate work mode ,you must endeavor to;

4.Get Started Early

This might sound insane, but it does the trick..when you arrive to work early, there’s usually no one else around, that means you get  a head start,and get stuff done without your colleagues distracting you with holiday chatter, and be well settled in before they arrive too.


5.Visualize Leaving

The reason coming back to work after a holiday is so depressing is because your brain is suffering under the weight of the knowledge that everything that is fun and good is behind you, and everything that is drudgery and whippings lies ahead.The simplest way to break out of this is to find something in the future that’s fun, something you can look forward too. This could be another vacation, but as that’s probably still months away, why not pick something simpler, like the mini-vacation we get every day when we go home. What fun activity do you have planned for tonight? Visualize that, and watch it give you the energy you need to power through the day.

It also really helps to spend the first 15-20 minutes at cleaning out your desk and  catching up for instance on emails  to gradually work you into the momentum you require to get started…Goodluck!





























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