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5 Unique And Insanely Adorable Proposal Stories!

10 May 2017 Blog

Every girl  has fantasies about that day when her  dream man will pop the question and ask her to be his bride.

Its a special day  and so why not bring on some drama with it already, yes? ok here are  stories of  some  out of the box proposals

1.”My fiancé and I have been dating a little over 3 years, he took me to one of our regular date spots for dinner and as dessert came out so did a little plate with 5 valentines conversation hearts which read “I love you, real love, marry me, say yes, soul mates” I still didn’t get it. I thought the restaurant was just being sweet and romantic as it was a week before Valentine’s Day… My fiancée asked me if I read them.

I started to read them out loud to him and from the corner of my eye I saw him get down on one knee I looked over- he was crying and asked, “will you marry me?” I responded “are you serious???” With tons of excitement and then we stood up kissed and the whole restaurant started clapping and cheering!

As we sat back down, all of a sudden my little sister and her fiancée walked in she surprised me and flew in from across the country! My fiancée knew that she’s the first person Id want to see right after that! I wanted to call my parents immediately but they were overseas on vacation and I couldn’t get through! I tried my entire family and no one picked up!

Then he suggested we get  a celebratory drink somewhere and I said we had to go to the spot we first met at 3 1/2 years ago! We got in an uber and the four of us headed there! When we walked in my fiancée pulled me upstairs to this private area and there were 45 of our closest friends and our families who had flown in from various places and once everyone parted off to the side I saw my parents who had flown back 26.5 hours and surprised us there.”


2.They were with her whole family and he kept trying to get her outside. She just wanted to play with her nephews and didn’t know what he was up to. Meanwhile her whole family was in on it.


3.”We went for a weekend vacation. We were together on the beach, and when I saw the ring, I immediately started crying. He looked at me all confused. ‘Why are you crying?’ He asked softly. ‘Did you really think I wasn’t going to marry you?'”


4.”It was a freezing cold Friday in the middle of January in NYC when a musician and a graphic designer got engaged. He told her that he was taking her to a super exclusive unadvertised U2 concert at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

He said his friend in the music industry gave him her tickets, since she couldn’t go, and asked them not to tell anyone about it because of how secret it was. And so they dressed up and took a taxi to Music Hall of Williamsburg. Upon arrival they were greeted at the window by a woman who crossed their names off a list.

They walked inside and were given a wristband by a security guard who told them to ‘enjoy the show’ They walked inside to find a completely empty Music Hall of Williamsburg, except for a string quartet playing a beautiful instrumental piece on stage, bathed in twinkling lights.

He turned to her and said there is no U2 concert, that ‘this is it, five years are up’ something they had joked about from the beginning, being on a five year plan. He got down on one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and popped open a box with this sparkler inside.

Next to the ring was a thin gold wedding band, belonging to her favourite grandmother who had passed away many years ago and had left the ring for her, for when the time came. He had it resized to fit in between the two bands of the ring so that they could be worn together as one when they get married.

The song the quartet played on stage was a song he had composed specifically for this moment. After floods of tears, the security guard and check in girl emerged, they had both been in on it and a lighting guy had even been hired for dramatic effect!

As the two left, she had begged to call her mother, and he asked if she could wait to start calling people until they had a celebratory drink at the Wythe Hotel, where he had made a reservation. Upon arriving, more happy tears were shed as her mother, father, younger brother and his girlfriend were seated at a table in the back – bottle of champagne ready and waiting.”

 5.They were heading up to Balsam Lake, Ontario for a long weekend for what she thought was for a quiet weekend spent with a few friends. Donned in her sweatpants and ponytail with McDonalds in hand, she entered the cottage to candles, twinkling lights, roses and a ‘Marry Me’ chalkboard sign. Her parents, siblings and best friend entered shortly after.
The next two days was a continuous surprise for everyone- as 40 of their closest friends made appearances throughout- for what they thought was a graduation party! They had a beautiful wedding this past September in Toronto.”

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