5 Traits That Will Help You Identify People You Can Not Trust

Have you ever been let down by someone t=you trusted totally? How did not make you feel?not very good i presume

Well in todays world it is becoming increasingly important to find people in your circle that you can trust with important information like your whereabouts at any given time and so much more.

Trust is among the tenets of a successful relationship. Dealing with someone you cannot trust is never easy. A relationship where trust issues are dominant rarely lasts. There are some people you cannot trust easily. People you should try to avoid by all means and keep out of your circle. Here areĀ  5 traits you will use to identify such people and cut them off completely from hivisasa.com

1. They cannot keep secrets

 A person who is not worth your trust rarely keeps secrets. He or she will share everything with everyone. Even if you tell him or her not to do, he or she will go ahead and share the secrets.

2. They never say no

A person who accepts everything cannot be trusted. He or she will be tempted to spill beans when it is not required. Sharing your secrets with such a person is risky.

3. They avoid you in public

Untrustworthy persons keep avoiding you in public. They often feel suspicious whenever they are in public. He or she feels someone wants to trap him or her. Such persons live a life that very people around them can understand.

4. They have excessive charm

People with excessive charm often want to hide something. They pretend to be too good to mess. Pay some attention to their actions and you will realize their real nature.

5. They are not empathetic

Empathy is not in the dictionary of untrustworthy persons. A person who is not worth your trust rarely puts himself or herself in your shoes. He or she will do something that hurts you but doesn’t care. Dealing with such a person can be one of the most daunting tasks in life.

I hope you find this useful.Goodluck

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