5 Techniques Guaranteed To Improve Your Time Management Skills No 5 Will Shock You

The most common time management definition says that it is the ability to use your time effectively and productively, in relation to the workload you go through, and the time you spend on it.

 Time distribution and optimization should not only be about finding time for work – you’ll also want to strike a balance between work and your private life, and make time for your hobbies, friends, and family.From Experience, all this is much easier said than done, but it’s important that you streamline your time management in order to lead a more quality life.

The time management skills highlighted here are the skills that help you achieve more in less time, Here goes

1.Practice effective planning, by developing clear objectives, clearly defining tasks, defining the resources you need to tackle them, and determining how you’ll know you’ve succeeded in handling your plan.know what you want.think creatively.Avoid distractions as much as possible and properly analyse your situation

2,stress management The ability to manage stress in the work place and in life generally is one of those secondary time management skills that help you perform better at your primary time management skills, and by extension, at work.laugh,sleep, dance to your favorite music whatever it takes to get the stress off you. you will be better and healthier for it

3.Practice identifying your priority tasks, i.e. start with  the most important and most urgent tasks in your schedule.It is that simple, Do first things first,when you handle the difficult task first then other tasks will seem easier

4 Practice your ability to single-task, and focus all your attention on one task at a time only.Multitasking is good, but sometimes it  makes it difficult to focus and valuable  time may be lost in between

5.Practice how to say “No”, effectively, but politely, some activities are guaranteed time wasters.Learning the art of saying No politely is gaining power over time killers and managing time

Good Luck

Source; clockify.me/blog(Edited)

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