5 Simple Thoughts That Can Totally Transform Your Life

Do you know Your life is shaped by what you think and believe. Numerous thoughts arise and subside in our minds daily. some positive and others purely fatal.You may not pay attention to them or remember them clearly. However, upon observation you will realize that your thoughts are shaped mostly by a few dominant desires, expectations, fears and worries.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by consciously choosing and remembering a few thoughts or ideas that can potentially transform your thinking, behavior and attitude for good. For example, you can frequently remember the following five great thoughts from www.thehinduwebsite.com and keep pondering them in your mind to bring a fundamental change in your thinking and attitude. Overtime ,they become integrated into your consciousness and become the guiding factors of your life. This piece has been edited for length and clarity.Here Goes

1. Nobody lives forever

It is important to remember this truth occasionally because many people do not think about it at all and live as if time does not matter. People spend their time in frivolous activities, and waste many precious opportunities to improve themselves or live better. Do you enjoy life? Do you take time out to focus on the world around you? Are you married to your job, or some cause, that prevents you from spending time with your near and dear? There are many ways in which people fill their lives with meaningless activities and let their lives roll by.Find your purpose, set up a few important goals, choose your priorities, and live with the gratitude of being born as a human, and being active, alive and conscious.

2. Nothing is permanent

The world in which we live is impermanent. You know that neither you nor your behavior nor your possessions last forever. While it is true that our existence is finite and transient, on the positive side you may consider it a blessing because it gives you a great opportunity to improve things and situations according to your needs and expectations. Imagine how the world would be if everything is frozen in time, with no scope for change or improvement.No one will like to be caught in such a world? People are bored even when there is so much impermanence around them. Imagine how boring it would be, if nothing changes, and if you are condemned forever to the circumstances in which you were originally born! Fortunately, the world gives you immense opportunities to experience life differently and to be a different person if you want to. Many people are afraid of change, because they cannot trust themselves and do not like to stay out of their comfort zones.

The best way to deal with impermanence is to face it and accept it boldly as an integral part of your life and plan your life accordingly, without being reckless or negligent. Use the opportunities change offers, with courage to improve your life and destiny.

3. Embrace your uniqueness

We often marvel at the uniqueness of a gadget and even other people but we do not realize or appreciate how unique we ourselves are. We are the unique creations of Nature, born with a huge potential to make a difference in the world in our own unique ways. Each of us are born with unique skills that when properly harnessed will be the starting point for several generations of new people who will descend from us or who will be benefited by our actions.

Your uniqueness is your wealth, embrace it.There is none like you and none can think, act, or live like you. Be Yourself,Own your Uniqueness and use it to your advantage .Manifest it in your thinking, problem solving, and actions in creative ways to stand apart in a sea of humanity and prove your worth. Therefore, before believing in anything or following anyone, remember that you have a mind and a will of your own and you are not under any compulsion to accept anything meekly or follow anyone blindly. Be yourself, stand for yourself

4. Whatever you can do ,you can do very well

Nobody can be perfect all the time, but we can strive for excellence in whatever you do. The task may be anything, but you must do it as sincerely and perfectly as you can to feel good about yourself, and achieve success and prosperity. Discipline, knowledge, skills, respect for rules, commitment quality, and genuine love contribute to excellence in any field.

Give your best to your goals or daily tasks without worrying about results. dedication always causes our effort to bear fruit. Put your one hundred percent in whatever you do and do not settle for less,But do so with detachment and sense of duty, without being vain, arrogant or having outrageous and unrealistic expectations

5. Silence is golden, you must take a moment to breathe

There is too much noise in our lives. As our civilization progresses, we create more noise and distractions. The mobile phones make sure that you cannot have quiet time for yourself. All this puts a lot of strain upon us. We may not be aware, but the noise puts a dent upon our ability to think clearly, stay in control, and remain healthy and happy.The need for peace therefore is becoming more important and urgent.

At the end of the day, despite your problems and pressures, you must be able to sleep well. If you can sleep well, it is a sign that you are in control. There are many techniques which you can use to calm your mind and experience peace even in busy surroundings. One of the ways to do it is to consciously prolong the silence between your two thoughts, so that you can stop your mental chatter and experience temporary respite. It can be done as part of your meditation, or wherever you are and whenever you want to. The mind can only think about one thought at a time. Therefore, before you move from one thought to another, stop there and prolong the silence between the two thoughts. As you take deep breaths, do not consciously let any new thought enter your mind as long as you can. As the time lapse between two thoughts increases, you gain gradual control over your mind and your thoughts.

Good Luck

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