5 Reasons You Should Like What You Do, No 5 Will Shock You

It is very important to love what you do because chances are that we spend most of our productive years working so we might as well, enjoy it. Sadly,not everyone can truly say that they love what they do.By all means my prayer is that we all find purpose and fulfil destiny, here are some amazing reasons why

1. Because you will be more productive.

Doing what you love will make you more engaged and dedicated towards your work and you will feel more productive and enthusiastic in doing those things.

When you absolutely love your work, you won’t feel tired anymore, moreover, it will always be fun doing all the tasks. Hence, you will find yourself more productive

2. Because you will always remain motivated.

Keeping yourself up for an extra hour, doing work vigorously, taking no offs are the signs that you’ll find in yourself when you’re doing things that you love.

It always gives you extra motivation to meet your goals, and when you do that, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding.

3. Because you will feel more fulfilled.

Even after achieving huge success in life, people often seek personal fulfillment and peace in their lives.

Your life is much more than getting paid and having fat pay checks You’ll feel fulfilled only when you see yourself growing and grooming with your work.

4. Because you will never make excuses anymore.

We are good at making excuses. We always try to get off the tasks we have been assigned because we really don’t want to do unless we’re compelled to do.

But, if you choose the kind of work you want to do then you will never make excuses in your life anymore.

5.Because The People you love will bear the brunt when you hate your job

Think that only you are affected if you hate your job? That’s not possible because you come home every day and talk about how much you hate your job. This adds stress and anxiety to the days of your family members.

Even if you don’t talk about it, your family members love you, and they hate to see you so sad. When you hate your job, you have less energy for the other important components of your life: family, exercise, fun, friends, and hobbies. In a​ worst-case scenario, a company opened a second location in a distant state and transferred twenty married couples to work at the new location. ​

When anything went wrong at work, no respite existed at home. The  double negative feelings interacted and festered and affected employee morale at work. And, there were no other employees to deflect the unhappiness.


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