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5 life Changing Africans Wisdom Packed Proverbs From A Great Hero

13 September 2018 Blog News

 Africans still possess one of the most common ways parents instill values in their children, which is through proverbs the interpretation of which were full of wisdom for life then and even now

My late father was one of such parents, his wise words still hold true today and resonate in my heart daily during moments of deep reflection, for the benefit of those who will not understand my native dialect i have tried to translate directly to english and added a few of the ones we probably already know, however no matter how familiar we are with these proverbs, they still hold great wisdom at whatever stage of life we are, the are as timeless as they are true, enjoy them, pass them on, God bless all the good parents that ever lived, we appreciate them for their wisdom which they passed on to us. God bless the memory of you dear Dad.Love you

Here Goes

  1. A blind man can not allow the groundnut he is roasting   to burn twice……(Once beaten twice shy)
  2. Show me your friends and  I will tell you who you are
  3. It is from the hose of a “Fool’ that one usually stands to look at the ruins from the house of the “Wise”
  4. Add value to yourself and people of value will be attracted to you
  5. It is in simple things that the value of life is truly interpreted, pay attention to them

I hope this blesses you

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