5 Fun Things You Can Do When You Can Not Sleep

19 June 2017 Blog News

Somehow I want to believe  like me we all have one time or another  gone through the “having trouble sleeping” stage— some people in this category lie awake until wee hours in the morning before they finally fall into deep sleep and have to wake up shortly after and carry on with the days activities like going to work, would they now be expected to perfon in the same capacity as their colleagues who may have a good nights rest?  I just wonder

One is is certain, nothing compares to a good nights sleep,even when you catch up on midday naps it does not even begin to  compensate for sleep lost at night

I know how hard it can be to struggle with rest when you’re stressed, anxious, or worried what tomorrow will bring for you. sometimes, hard as one tries, sleep continues to elude you.So, when you just can’t seem to fall asleep it’s always best to have a back-up strategy—Here are some you can try tonite!

1. Think Positive

It’s that easy— according to science , ridding your mind of those negative thoughts (“It’s so late, I’ll never get to sleep at this rate,” “I’m going to be so tired tomorrow at work,” “This stinks”) calms you down and makes you more likely to fall asleep.

2. Pick One Thing to Focus On

You know how they always say to try counting sheep? Well, focusing on something specific (like filling an imaginary treasure chest) could be just what you need to get sleepy. Choose to focus on your breath, or repeat a calming mantra over in your head—as long as it’s not “I can’t sleep,” because see above.

3. Pretend to Be Tired

Trick your brain into thinking you’re exhausted by, well, pretending you are. Concentrate on the kinds of things you would feel if you were tired, like drooping eyes, the room darkening, or the sensation of sinking into your bed— the mind is a powerful tool and before you know it, you just might experience them!

4. Adjust Your Temperature

What’s your ideal sleeping environment? Even if you can’t completely control the heating and cooling system in your home, you can control your body. So, put the fan closer to your face when you’re too hot or bundle up when you’re too cold. Science says the ideal sleeping temperature is 60 to 67 .
5. Read

Not on your i-pad or phone, but with a solid, made-of-paper book—to help you out, here are 21 titles that career coaches recommend. Dim the lights in your room (or use a lamp) just enough so you can see comfortably, and read—don’t worry about remembering the story or getting to a certain page, just take it in until you feel yourself getting sleepy.

6. Listen to Music

Now, I’m not suggesting you go blasting an intense album (unless that works for you), but some simple, acoustic, minimal percussion music might be perfect for getting your eyes to droop.

Good luck tonight


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