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3 Simple Ways To Master The Power Of Saying “No”

8 May 2019 Blog

It’s new week so lets get motivated,inspired if you like..here goes

Why is it so hard for people to say No or even worse accept the right the other person has to say No to them?

So many times we get ourselves into very complicated situations that leave us frustrated, The most ridiculous thing I have heard is a lady who married a man simply because she could not find the voice to say No!

She did not love him, She never courted him, their parents were friends and decided since childhood that they were meant for each other,she had been sent to school abroad while he was back home, and within six months of her return ,the wedding was arranged, she was not a happy bride but she could not risk hurting the parents she loved so much by refusing with a simple No!

Many of us grow up to be people pleasers. The word NO drops out of our vocabulary, we substitute it with things like I will try, let me see what I can do,etc even when we know it is not feasible, convenient and realistic the result always is to be angry at yourself,bitter,frustrated even to the point of regret.

So lets see how can one become more assertive and learn the power of saying No

1.Remember that No is a more honorable response than a yes that is not heart felt

2. If you say yes when what you really want to say is No,you will feel resentful throughout whatever you agreed to do

3.When responding to the question or request,start your sentence with the word No! It is easy to keep to that commitment and stand by your refusal when the first word out of your mouth is No

Practice saying No daily to the things that displease you, in time you will conquer your fears and emotional concerns that keep you from displeasing yourself in order to please others


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