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3 Practical Ways To Avoid Becoming A Criminal

25 April 2019 Blog

Many people are tempted to commit crimes giving the excuse that the economy is hard, by all means no reason should be good enough to make you do the crime or you will definitely to the time!

You might not have a job, or you might be in financial trouble and feel stealing is the solution. In some situations, other criminals (like gang members) are your only family, so you fall into the lifestyle. However, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming a criminal. You should complete your education and find employment, addressing any financial or substance abuse issues along the way. If you are a teen, you can try to find a mentor and take other steps. Furthermore, you should avoid becoming an accessory to a crime by aiding or abetting criminal behavior

1.Complete your education. The best way to avoid crime is to set healthy goals for yourself and to work toward them. Increasing your education should be a high priority. If you haven’t earned a qualification, you should consider returning to school and working part time to support yourself

2.Avoid criminals. Unfortunately, the more you associate with criminals, the more likely you are to commit crime. Try not to fall in with a bad crowd, such as gangs. It will be easier to live a clean life when you surround yourself with people who are living the same.

  • Meet people at churches, schools, or at community centers. It may be difficult to introduce yourself to a new set of people, but the hardest step is the first.
  • You can meet people online. But it is best to develop “real life” relationships. A network of good friends can provide emotional support during stressful times in your life and keep you from making a bad decision

3.Deal With Peer Pressure; People you know might pressure you to commit crime with them. It’s important to stand your ground and refuse to participate. This can be difficult. However, you can plan ahead of time for how you can deflect the pressure.

  • Casually say, “No I don’t want to” or “You know, I’ve got to go.” Keep your voice level but speak clearly. If they won’t stop bothering you, walk away.
  • If you can’t leave, quickly change the subject. Say, “Hey, let’s play a video game instead” or mention another activity you think your peers might be interested in.
  • Make sure to avoid these people in the future.


credit www.wikihow.com,pic pixaby.com


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