3 Practical Steps To develop A Strong belief In Yourself And Aim For The Stars

Belief can be a powerful too, but only if you know how to use it properly. What will you do today?

We’re all trying to achieve something in life. Are any of the following your goals?:

  • get a job,
  • find a wife /husband
  • become a published author,
  • be fluent in new language,
  • have a profitable online business,
  • These are common goals that many people have. Belief is the fuel that powers you towards the success of these goals. Even if your dream isn’t on the list above, it doesn’t change the fact that you need to believe that you can do it before you can actually achieve it 

     People can accomplish extraordinary things… as long as they believe the right things. In this piece, you’ll learn how to stop believing the wrong things and redirect your attention and energy towards “correct beliefs”.

    Step #1- Focus on what you can control, ignore what you can’t.

    Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet why is it that the majority of people in the world still focus on what they can’t control?

    People do this by blaming. Through blame, they redirect accountability away from themselves and place it squarely at the feet of the event, person or situation that they had no influence over.

    Step #2 — Make it too easy


    Now that we have the first step down pat, let’s take a closer look at the sort of tasks we set ourselves to make them even easier to believe.

    There’s a common misconception that things we need to believe we can do have to be difficult. Otherwise why would you need to believe it? Let’s challenge that notion.

    Keeping in mind that we’re only focusing on things that we have complete control over, the next most important thing is consistency. There’s not really any point doing anything if you’re not going to be consistent about it.

    Again, there are people out there in the world who expect that from performing a task once or just a few times, they will get a certain result. Why is this wrong?

    1. Firstly, expecting the result that’s out of their control is wrong.
    2. Secondly, even if they had the correct beliefs, doing something out of expectation is a sure-fire way of being disappointed.

    There will be days you feel down and out. It doesn’t mean you should not do the task. That’s why I would rather set the bar lower. That means that I’ll be able to do it consistently.

    It’s like performing reverse psychology on yourself. The secret is being disciplined enough to stick to the absurdly easy goal. That will give you the energy to stick to it.

    Step #3 — Do the maths

    This is another trick you can should use to increase the level of conviction you have in your beliefs.

    Eventually, factors out of your control will have be introduced into the equation for you to succeed. For example:

    • if you’re a salesperson, sales.
    • if you’re a writer, views, reads or shares.
    • if you’re a marketer, clicks.

    Assuming you have followed the first two steps, you would be focusing on understanding your customer better, finding out what your readers want to read and getting to the bottom of what makes people click for the above three points, respectively.

    Doing the maths and calculating the return you get from the things you do control gives you conviction to keep doing it.

    Can you see the magic here?  upon doing the maths, You get a massive boost of confidence. .

    From there, it becomes too easy to believe in ability to achieve your vision


    credit https://medium.com/the-mission

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