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3 Daily Rituals Of A Creative Genius ,No 3 Is Epic

3 September 2020 Blog

Artists, musicians, and creative people throughout history have sworn by their routines — anything to seduce the muse. Recently, writer Mason Currey compiled some of the habits of creative geniuses in his book,  “Daily rituals”,Here are a few  from Oliver  Burkerman of the Guadian you may want to adopt if you are one of them

1. Be a morning person.

We’re talking early, really early. “7 a.m. is really the latest that you find among this group of early risers and going straight into their most important work of the day,” said Burkeman. “Ernest Hemingway said, ‘At that hour there’s no one to disturb you and it is cool and cold and you come to your work and warm as you write.” The brain also is fresh and ready to birth new ideas


2. Stick to a schedule.

There’s an idea that you have to wait for inspiration to strike. However, said Burkeman, “what’s really clear is that some of the most effective and impressive artistic creation has happened on a far more rigorous schedule.”


3. Learn to work anywhere.

Just like sticking to a schedule and not waiting for inspiration to just strike, you don’t need a special set-up to get the work done. “If they learn to work anywhere, they’re not going to be prey to that perfectionist idea that they need to find the ideal workspace before they can get anything done,” said Burkeman. Agatha Christie used to be asked by journalists to see where she wrote. She would point to any sturdy table that would hold her typewriter.

Good Luck

Source; www.pri.org/stories

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