RAMP State Coordinator of the Programme, Alhaji Hassan Etsu

176 KMs Road Constructed And Rehabilitated Under RAMP 2 Programme In Niger State

13 September 2018 National News News

The Rural Access and Mobility RAMP 2 programme is opening up rural areas for socioeconomic activities in Niger state.

The State Coordinator of the Programme, Alhaji Hassan Etsu stated this in an interview with radio Nigeria in Minna.

Alhaji Etsu said the initiative is a sixty million dollars project aimed at upgrading and rehabilitating rural transport infrastructure to make life easier for rural dwellers.

Rural Access and Mobility RAMP 2 programme iHe explained that the mandate given to RAMP two in the state was to deliver five hundred kilometers of rural roads but due to judicious use of funds accessed, about seven hundred kilometers would be delivered at the end of the programme in the year twenty-twenty.

The coordinator pointed out that the Programme had employed sixteen graduates of Civil Engineering to add value to the various projects.

Alhaji Etsu explained that measures have been put in place to ensure proper maintenance of the roads.

The coordinator who said the RAMP two programme has so far accessed about one billion naira as counterpart funds, commended the state Government for it’s support to the project.

Under the programmes, one hundred and seventy six kilometers of road have been constructed and rehabilitated while four hundred and three kilometers were ongoing

The project is being co-financed by the World Bank and a French Development Agency , while the Niger State Government is paying a counterpart fund annually to the tune of two hundred and fifty million naira.

The first phase which commenced in 2014 in Niger State, is already affecting the citizens positively as it has reduced maternal mortality rate and travel time of rural dwellers.






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