12 The Most Important Things To Do When You Are Young

28 November 2019 Uncategorized

Growing up one of the Most recurrent things my Dad said to me was make hay while the sun shines

His advice was simple: Leverage your youth and never postpone anything.

Over time ,we can find these tips most useful, A mini guide if you like to living your best life. Here goes

Have Fun. There will be enough sad days in your life later.

Take more risks. You have not so much to lose. Become a risk taker.

Swim against the tide. Especially when the stakes are not too high.

Start a business. If you have an entrepreneurial DNA, make sure to give your crazy ideas a try.

Travel. Explore the world. Open new countries and cultures for yourself. Travel as much as you can. Even small local trips count.

Do not invest in things. Invest in memories, emotions, and experiences instead.

Try new things. Experiment with your life. Change your hairstyle, shoes and clothes. Do some things that are worth remembering.

Do not be afraid of failing. Nobody is likely to judge you because you’re still “young and foolish”.

Keep studying. Never give up broadening your knowledge. Aspire to become the best at what you do.

Seize the opportunities. Leave no reasons for regrets about missed opportunities. Act now.

Do not ever postpone anything. Even the seemingly trivial things. Express your feelings, say important words, spend time with people you love.

Take action. Do not look for the perfect moment to take an action. The truth is that it does not exist. Marry your intentions to the bold actions.

The youth is all about freedom, mobility, flexibility, and fun. Do not try to grow up too fast and become serious, inert, angry, and boring. The youth is also about the excess amount of time. Therefore, make sure to use it wisely.

Leverage all the assets the young age provides you with. In your 20s you do not have too much responsibilities and obligations. Use it to your own benefit and make sure to enjoy the life.


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